Thrive! – All Thrive Forever ®      [Founder, Gary “Chris” Christopherson]

Thrive! – All Thrive Forever” is the boldest of bold visions for our future. It is the future we all want and need.  It is the future we can achieve.

When “all thrive forever”, you thrive!  Your family and friends thrive!  Your community thrives!  Your country thrives!  Our world thrives!

Yes, there is a chance if we commit to the vision and join together in a vast, sustained human endeavor to achieve that vision. The reward is a surviving and thriving future for all (not just for some but for all and all future generations) forever (not just for the near term but for 1000+ years).

Thrive!® builds on our ability and willingness to shepherd our world to a thriving future.  Builds on a 1000+ year and 50+ generation strategy.  Builds on “levers” and “fulcrums”, enabling us to leverage our efforts to greater and longer lasting outcomes.  Builds on “tipping points”, historical opportunities to make greater achievements.  Builds on “next generation” strategies and tools.  Builds on “eMedia” to expand reach and speed progress.

To support your and the Thrive! effort, Thrive! provides supportive strategies and tools via its websites and the following books.

  • Thrive! – Building a Thriving Future – For people who want to join with Thrive!, take action and help build a thriving future, Thrive! – Building a Thriving Future is the “manual for positive change”.  More at  It is available in paperback from or as a free download Thrive!was written and donated by Gary “Chris” Christopherson, Founder of Thrive! and viaFuture.
  •  People’s Guide To A Thriving Future [For All Forever] – This People’s Guide To A Thriving Future [For All Forever], in both “Quick Guide” and “Complete Guide” versions, is provided to help you and your family and friends, community, country and world survive and thrive.  It shows how to build a thriving future using Thrive! Strategy and Action Plans. The “Quick Guide” quickly takes you through the basics of building a thriving future.  The “Complete Guide” takes you through the basics of building a thriving future but in addition provides detailed examples, the required worksheets, and the detailed Thrive! Next Generation Toolkit.  More at  It is available via or as free download.

Thrive! has another blog – – that focuses on policy and strategies to achieve a thriving future for all forever.  Supportive of this effort, the blog also features Thrive! Sculpture by GChris (photos and videos).

Join with the Thrive! Endeavor® and together build and sustain a thriving and surviving future for all forever.

Join the Endeavor by helping build a thriving future for our whole world.  Start by building a better future with your family and friends.  Or with your community.  Or your country.  What is important is to start with who and what you care about.