How you and your country can thrive.

     How to build, achieve and sustain this future for you and your country.

You and your country can have a surviving and thriving future.  To build a better future, Thrive! strategy and tools have been used successfully at the personal level and on larger scales (country, country).  As they have for others, theycan help you and your country build, achieve and sustain this future.

You and your country must have a surviving and thriving future.  Even those countries that have a good future are not fully thriving, are not likely to be fully thriving in the future, and are still facing uncertainties about the long term future.  You and your country want and need this future because your country’s future is endangered and because of our human need to survive and desire to thrive.

To build this better future, your country’s people and leadership should be partners in this endeavor from the beginning and through each step.  A collaborative approach where the traditional leaders and the people (also serving as leaders) jointly provide leadership, vision, motivation, strategy and successful execution has the greater potential to create and sustain large, positive change and a surviving and thriving country.  Key to success is the strong desire by you and your country to move your country from its current vulnerabilities through and beyond surviving to a sustained thriving future.  To build this future for you and your country, Thrive! can be helpful to you and is laid out in the following “how-to”.

Step 1. Current state of you and your country.  The first major step is to understand the current state of you and your country.

  1. What is your country?
  2. How well is your country?
  3. What positively or negatively impacts your country?
  4. What is near and long term future behavior of your country?

Step 2. Strategy to achieve you and your country’s surviving and thriving future.  The next major step is to develop the strategy that will help you and your country build and achieve this future.

  1. What will your country be in the future?
  2. How well should your country be in the near and long term future?
  3. What has to change externally and internally to achieve your country’s thriving future?
  4. What actions by your country are needed to achieve their thriving future?
  5.  Your overall strategy and actions need to be documented and agreed to by your country.  Different members of your country will take on different responsibilities.  For each action, designate who of your country will do what to/with whom, where, when, and with what result.  This is your Thrive!  Strategy and Action Plan.